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Business Chinese

This course is designed for those who intend to use Chinese language in a business context or learn about Chinese business culture and etiquette. 

Daily Chinese

This course is designed for non-native Chinese speakers of all ages who intend to study Chinese for their own interests and needs.  

Chinese as a Heritage Language

This course is specifically designed for learners who are of Chinese descent and are currently living outside of China. 

Customized Courses for Individuals

We offer tailor-made courses for individuals by request, for example Chinese for Adoptive Families, HSK preparation and Chinese Culture courses.

Customized Courses for Organizations & Schools

We customise real-time online Chinese courses for individuals or groups from organisations and schools.  

Why learn Chinese online with us?


Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Flexibility in course schedule and location

1-on-1 personalised and interactive teaching

Trustworthy and easy to use online learning platform

Inspiring and up-to-date learning materials

Increased interests and enhanced learning experience

How to start?


Guidelines for downloading and installing the learning platform here.

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Feedback from our students

"We have a lot of Chinese customers and it's nice to try to speak a little Chinese with them. Also I want to learn more. It was a very nice experience. I liked it a lot. It was nice to notice that I haven't forgot all the Chinese words 🙂  It feels like when you have a private lesson, you don't have to be afraid of your own pronunciation and you can say directly if you can't understand something. For me it's an easy way to learn Chinese"

Piia Leinonen       

Project Manager, Liminka / Attractive Oulu Region 2020

"The learning experience with the online Chinese lesson was fun! I can utilize Chinese language in my daily work in communications with Chinese colleagues and customers. It is very useful to be able to open the conversation and chat a bit in Chinese, even if you would then continue in English with the business matters. Speaking even a little Chinese helps to break the ice and make a better connection with Chinese people, so I highly recommend the online course for anyone who is interested in China and its culture, or who is working with China."

Johanna Salmela       

Senior Manager, International Marketing, VisitOulu

"Knowing Chinese could help me open new doors for exchange studies, internships and future career choices. I am interested in working internationally and knowing Chinese would be a good addition to my resume. The Chinese lesson was very relaxed and easy to follow. It didn´t matter if you made mistakes, you could always ask for help and learn at your own pace. taking the course online makes it possible to learn anywhere. Not having to travel to an evening class makes learning a lot easier, as I could decide the time of the lessons and attend from home."

Maiju P.        

Student, University of Oulu





"FinnOppi´s online course provides a very flexible and joyful learning experience for my two kids. I observe that my children are doing lots of activities, jumping, laughing, singing and full of inspired questions as well! My children are very happy with their teacher Cindy, an adorable young lady with many magic methods to make children feel safe and confident! The 10 lessons are short but impressive. My children ask me if they could continue with Cindy after summer holidays...I say, yes of course!"

Mom of two kids (7 &10 years old).

City of Tampere

"My work includes lots of travelling. Speaking Chinese makes things easier while staying in China. I have noticed that when you start conversation in Chinese with your client or prospect in China, it is best icebreaker. I was positively surprised of the quality and effectiveness of the online Chinese lessons. The best part was that I was able to decide the schedule according to my own needs. I am usually super busy and the fact that I could choose the dates and times was one of the biggest reasons I chose FinnOppi´s online Chinese lessons."

Janne A.


"My 7 year-old Finnish-Chinese son has finished the 10 lessons and he really likes his teacher Diana. The teaching is student-centered and was full of fun. Teacher motivated and inspired my son´s learning. She was very patient and always well-prepared to meet my son´s pace and interests. I feel so relieved that FinnOppi has such a good quality online heritage Chinese course in Finland."

Mom of a 7 year-old


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